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ZL Social - 3 Social Media Tactics to Help You Expand Your Business | Edmonton, AB.

Digital marketing won't surely be complete without social media marketing. This is because nowadays, people live and breathe on social media channels. With the rise of digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there are now billions of active subscribers and users worldwide.

If you are striving to increase your web presence and reach out to the right market, there's no better way to do so than the various social media channels. When in the process, however, there are a few marketing tactics and strategies to employ to leverage your social media marketing efforts.

Take note of the two driving forces that will compel your target audience to submit to your business: the need for rewards and a sense of urgency. It's no surprise that while incentives drive actions, time prompts people to take further steps as well.

That given, let's take a look at two tactics that you can employ for your social media marketing efforts to expand your business.

Tactic 1: Influencers with rewards and urgency

For this marketing strategy, you have to work closely with influencers. Although the blogs that you post are meant to promote your products or services, your efforts don’t stop there. First, you have to attach a limited-time incentive to act. For instance, your influencer can provide a gift with purchase or a discount upon using a specific code. Second, you must also create a sense of urgency where your target audience will be urged to act on the promotion right away so that they can take advantage of the opportunity. With the help of influencers, you can further spruce up your social media marketing.

Tactic 2: Advertise with rewards and urgency

For this marketing tactic, you utilize advertising forms to reach out to your target audience. This means creating ad copies and displaying them on your social media channels. You can go as far as sharing them on multiple channels. However, you have to consider incorporating rewards and urgency, as well. First, you must offer some rewards through your ads. Second, you must create the idea that the reward that you are offering is only for a limited time. By providing rewards and creating urgency on your advertising campaign, you might just convince people to purchase your products or avail of your services.

Tactic 3: Rewards for details or information

In the world of marketing, providing rewards is the most straightforward means to reach out to your target market. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that they need to buy your products, avail of your services, or subscribe to your channel so they can take advantage of your rewards. There's a subtle approach to providing rewards by asking for their personal information to generate leads - not necessarily to make conversions in an instant. By doing so, you can further boost your social media marketing efforts and leverage it to other forms of digital marketing.

Final words

The use of urgency and incentives created through social media can get people to succumb to your company and conduct business with you. When leveraging your social media marketing, consider the three marketing tactics outlined above to expand your business significantly!

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