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What You Need To Know About Viral Video Marketing

Updated: May 6

In this internet-driven society, a viral video can do more for your business than a traditional TV ad. People spend more time online than they do watching TV, and once they come across a video that perfectly captures the internet's zeitgeist, it's likely that it will become viral, whether or not the video was posted by a random stranger or produced by a business.

The internet presents an equal playing field when it comes to marketing. If you have perfected the formula of putting together content that will capture people's attention, then you'll do wonders for your business. The only challenge left for you is to figure out that formula to supercharge your marketing goals.

What does virality mean?

Just because your video has gotten an impressive amount of engagement doesn't mean that you'll already meet your end goal. You may have a viral video, but it doesn't automatically equate to more traffic, consumers, and sales. Virality isn't just about sheer popularity; it's about reaching the right people to consume your content and getting them to share.

Luckily, viral videos don't happen because of pure luck like they did years ago. Now that the internet has yielded thousands of viral videos, they exhibit enough elements in common to conclude that any video needs to contain specific components for a chance at virality.

Tips that will help you produce a viral video

Invest in great production value

While there are viral videos that have low production value, you will get noticed more if you spent more time, resources, and energy in your video. The key here is to experiment with tools, editing equipment, and script. There's no need to spend a fortune, but you have to be patient with the production. Experiment with shooting settings and lighting, try different approaches with the script, and various video lengths. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you don't produce it in haste for the sake of appearing organic.

Create compelling copy

The title and description you attach to the video have an impact on whether or not it goes viral. If the copy is catchy enough to warrant attention, then the more likely it is that someone would give it their time of day. You must write copy that will create hype, maybe even a veil of mystery to really catch attention.

Study the trends for audience relatability

A lot of videos go viral because they capitalize on the internet's pulse at the moment. Make sure to keep a close eye on trends and the content of what your target typically share and use what you've culled to create a video that will resonate with your audience. When you incorporate trends in your videos, the likely people will think they're organic and be more encouraged to share.

Prime it for sharing

Of course, you also have to prime your video for sharing. Clips go viral because people share them in addition to watching them repeatedly. When you release your video, make sure to include social share buttons. You also have to increase exposure by posting it frequently to your marketing channels, including social media and email newsletters. Remember, exposure is key to virality.

A viral video can boost your marketing and help you garner more consumers. If you need help in producing one, get in touch with ZL Social and let's collaborate. We’re a professional digital marketing company based in Edmonton, ready to assist you with all your digital marketing needs.