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Tips For Enhancing Your Video SEO Ranking - Our Guide

It's no secret that content is king when it comes to marketing. But you know what's more powerful? Visual content. It's no wonder why more and more businesses are prioritizing video in their marketing strategies. Doing so will help drive traffic and conversions to and from your website.

In leveraging video, though, you just can't produce one and hope for the best. You have to utilize tactics to ensure that you can rank and contribute to your overall SEO.

Here are some tips that you can implement, all of which can boost your video SEO ranking:

Perform keyword research.

Just like with all things SEO, you start by doing keyword research. You can make use of Google's free Keyword Planner tool or pay for a keyword research service. The key is to search for words that your target users are actually using in their SERPs. If you fail to do this crucial step, you can bid goodbye to your chances of ranking.

Create a landing page for each video.

Once you've figured out the keyword/s you want to rank for, the next step is to create a landing page dedicated to it. It serves as the home for that specific keyword and will show up in engines when users search the word. Just be sure that you only have one landing page per keyword. Optimizing multiple pages for any single keyword is called "keyword cannibalization" and is frowned upon in the SEO world.

Optimize the landing page.

Now that you have a landing page, the logical thing to do, of course, is to optimize it. It's not any different from optimizing any other page. Remember to always include the key elements, including Meta Title, Meta Description, image ALT attributes, H tags, and body copy.

Add structured data to the video.

If you don't want Google to automate or skip your meta data, you have to customize and optimize it yourself. No one is likely to click on your video if it doesn't have an accompanying image and description. For each of your videos, it's important that it comes with the key attributes, including the name, description, thumbnail URL, upload date, duration, and embed URL. When people share your video across social media platforms, these important elements will be shared right along with it, helping increase the ranking.

Include a link to your website.

This may seem like a no brainer, but there are some marketers that overlook this step. Always remember to link your website in the video description so your site would garner more traffic. Plus, on top of improving the user experience by adding a click-through, the link also offers additional SEO value.

Add a video transcript.

If adding meta keywords is necessary for website photos, a transcript is essential for videos. It's an opportunity to beef up on your SEO value while also enhancing its accessibility. When writing a transcript, use words that describe the content of the video to help viewers understand it better. Avoid injecting too many keywords to not negatively impact the rankings. The transcript is indexed by search engines, and you do not want to get flagged by doing keyword stuffing.

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