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4 Local Edmonton SEO Tips for Improved Visibility in 2020 - Our Guide

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one thing, and local SEO is another. While you’ll do what it takes to optimize your website to ensure it ranks high and is visible online, incorporating local Edmonton SEO into your site can take your business up a notch.

When it comes to local SEO, chances are you think about registering your company in Google My Business. However, by now, you should have already done that. The truth is, local SEO goes beyond Google My Business registration and updating your name, address, and phone number (NAP) details.

There’s more that you can accomplish and implement to ensure a robust Local SEO. Below are four actionable local SEO tips that you can integrate into your website for improved online visibility this coming 2020.

1. Google My Business optimization

Though there are ways to improve your local SEO, registering your company in Google My Business (GMB) is the first step. In fact, it is one of the top-ranking factors in SEO as per Moz’s Local Ranking Factors survey. If your business isn’t registered yet, you better take the plunge and take advantage of this opportunity for your site’s local ranking. Adding your NAP details is also imperative. However, make sure that you add keywords, include business photos, update contact details, and leverage Google posts. All these aspects can help enhance your local SEO.

2. Local backlink building

Backlinks are part and parcel of the SEO world, and it has always been at the core of SEO. However, backlink building in local SEO can be quite tricky. If you aren’t sure how to proceed, consider the local community, local news channels, and industry sites as targets. This is because they are the most valuable link building sources for local business. First, contact local newspapers and news channels to provide updates about your business. Second, publish local-centered content and have as many customers as you can to post reviews. Finally, offer discounts regularly for local customers and inform them via local news.

3. Customer review management

Customer reviews are very important for a business. Even Moz’s Local Ranking Factors survey justifies that reviews are instrumental to a site’s ranking. Your goal should be to aim for more positive reviews from your customers. Make sure to deliver quality services and encourage them to leave positive remarks about your business. Know that even negative reviews should be acknowledged, responded appropriately, and handled positively. That’s where proper customer review management comes into the picture.

4. Local-focused content creation

There’s a vast difference between creating global and local-based content. While creating high-quality content revolves around emotional titles and search intent keywords, local content should be creative to grab the attention of the locals. For a boost in your local SEO, make sure to write content specifically catered to the local market where your business locally services. The keywords used should be very specific and local-based so the locals can easily find your website.

// Final words

Local SEO is essential for your website and business in general. That said, now is the time to focus on actionable local SEO tips that will not only help you improve your local visibility, but will also outshine you this coming 2020. Follow the valuable tips outlined above, and set your business for SEO success this upcoming year.

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