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3 Quick Ways to Improve Your Website's SEO - Our Guide

Need to improve your website's SEO right away? There are just so many things you can do. For instance, you can clean your website of any unnecessarily large images to speed up loading time or redesign the navigation to make it simpler for the users.

That said, some SEO improvements will naturally pay off more than others. You will need to thoroughly analyze your website to figure out what changes you can make for the biggest results.

If you are wondering what kind of changes you can do to improve your site's SEO, here are a few examples:

1. Include a meta description for each page

While this might sound like an outdated SEO strategy, it is still quite useful today. That is because search engines use meta information as a way to find out what the page is all about. For instance, if you have a page that is focused on the advantages of using lead pencils over pens, a meta description can quickly point that out. Otherwise, the search engine will have to make something up to describe the page.

Put simply, without a meta description, you stand the risk of having your page mislabeled or the like, putting you at the backseat against competitors with well-described pages that bring users directly to them.

2. Fix any errors on your site

Any errors at all on your website will hurt your SEO and the experience users will have. This can drive your rank down and push away users to use a competitor's site that is much more reliable.

With that said, figuring out what errors are there to be fixed can be quite tough. Fortunately, there are tools such as Google Search Console that help you find these "404" errors. This tool shows you what kind of errors the search engine sees. Your job is to note down the errors and then have them addressed.

3. Get rid of unwanted and unused pages

The most common problem that many businesses deal with, even the big ones, are useless pages on their website. These pages can be anything from outdated services to demo pages. Nevertheless, they are all dead weight to your site, which can hurt your SEO.

If you have a few pages on your site that are no longer used, get rid of them. You can do this in a few ways. For instance, you can add a "noindex, follow" line of code to allow a bot to use another link instead of crawling the unused page. Of course, you can also delete the page using removal tools. However, if you have pages that you still use but are outdated, update them with new information!


Whether you implement one, two, or all three of the tips we have shared with you, your SEO will thank you for it. All of these tips are geared to help your website become more SEO friendly. If you have done all of these already but still need more improvements, feel free to work with SEO specialists. They will quickly identify what needs to be done and bring in the results you are looking for.

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