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3 Best Practices for Digital Marketing Amidst COVID-19 - Our Guide

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed daily life as safety protocols and changing policies shape today’s reality. This is the same for most businesses and digital marketing agencies that have been used to the same practice to reaching customers but now are considering new approaches. Most of the basic digital marketing tools are staying the same, but SEO consultants are now advertising in context to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most businesses are now also proactively looking into new marketing tactics to reach customers amidst the pandemic. Some have a generalized idea, but most small businesses are still understanding what the COVID-19 entails for their future in the market.

Today, we will look into the strategies that most digital marketing agencies are using so that your business can learn a thing or two in order to make it through this crisis.

Adjusting to the Mostly-Online Customer

Customers being on the internet has been a given for the past two decades. However, the pandemic has definitely forced more people to spend more time online, as physical distancing is now being widely adopted.

For instance, most students are practicing online distance learning to meet school requirements. Their parents are adapting to a work-from-home setup, so SEO companies are taking this new trend into account.

Being online more often is becoming a large part of the new normal. This just means there are more opportunities to reach customers. Digital marketing is currently not just a means for businesses to promote their business; pay-per-click ads and other online advertising tools are now vital sources of information for most people. Most e-commerce websites are even speeding up their website loading from the backend to cater to the short attention span of an online customer.

To pull in more customers, businesses are thus taking advantage of their online presence and using related services to their advantage in order to serve customers.

Adapting Ads Made for the New Normal

As people are more accessible online, pay-per-click ads are now more accessible to more customers. However, even as SEO practices and digital analytics have not largely changed, the way customers are enticed to buy into a product or services has certainly shifted.

The COVID-19 has new safety protocols, and local authorities are making the rounds to make sure all businesses comply. Naturally, customers feel safer and more compelled to buy from your business if you follow COVID-19 guidelines.

What most SEO consultants recommend to businesses is to have pay-per-click ads that are in context to COVID-19. This means giving timely services, such as the options for one-day shipping and remote online services, and featuring employees who follow COVID-19 guidelines. In effect, most online campaigns for businesses must reflect that they, too, are safe and convenient spaces during the pandemic.

Still Producing Quality Content

As customer behaviour and online ads have changed during the pandemic, SEO companies are still producing quality content for all clients. This means that websites and the analytics that defines their rankings still continue to be the standard. Additionally, quality content on websites is still a defining factor for ranking high in search results. That being said, producing quality content may also pose a challenge due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aside from the slowing down of production across all industries, COVID-19 has also restricted the kind of content that most advertising agencies can produce. In particular, video production has slowed down. Therefore, most digital marketing agencies recommend more COVID-19-proof content that can still remain high-quality. Examples include animated videos and well-written content posted on business websites.


Digital marketing that adapts through the pandemic can keep businesses afloat. If they take the recommendations of SEO consultants seriously, they can even grow their business further after the pandemic as customers continue to support them.

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